Interview with NOVOCIBIRSK (en français)

''Si je voulais entendre sur mes enceintes le son qui sortait de mes machines,
il fallait que je passe par l’enregistreur cassette de ma chaîne Hi-fi,
en position record''

Interview with NOVOCIBIRSK

''The approach that was mine,
was not to compose music, but to use
electronic machinery to try
to master it technically,
to create sounds and sequences that I liked.''

Novocibirsk - Télévision 1945 (volume 1)

Novocibirsk is the product of experiments conducted by Hervé Isar
between 1982 and 1993 in his home studio.
Connecting a network of synthesizers and analog sequencers
to test their communications...

The result is an artificial and hypnotic music, inspired by pionneers of the 70's
and raw minimalism of the underground of the 80's...
An unique metronomic combination where long floating instrumental tracks
follow nervous sequences and vocoder chants.

However, settings and programming on these analog devices
without memory, were uneasy to reproduce.

That could be the end of the story, but we have picked up these cassettes
and achieved a long cleaning, restoration and remastering process

We all know that the music world is filled with 'hidden treasures': This is exactly what we're talking about now
and it is the perfect candidate to launch productionB

productionB starts now!

We, at productionB, love electronic sounds. We like sequences and tones.
We also love uncompromising sequenced music, focused on the tension and texture of sounds.
And we think it's unfair that some projects remain unreleased just because they might be more demanding...

Be ready for the next release of productionB label.